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      Join the HG Family - Volunteers Needed

      Volunteers are vital to each production at Hamilton-Gibson as well as the day-to-day functions of the organization. We recruit volunteers for everything from folding the newsletter, to stage managers and running sound and lights at shows.  Volunteer opportunities exist in many capacities.  If you have some free time please consider joining the HG family. Whether selling tickets, painting sets, organizing costumes, filing music, or archiving posters, we have jobs to fill.  Please take a look at the volunteer opportunities and their descriptions below then click on the red button to complete the volunteer form.  When a volunteer opportunity arises that meets your interests, we will get in touch with you. 

      Thank you!


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      Poster Distribution  Each HG event is usually advertised by posters throughout our marketing area.  We need volunteers to visit establishments and request permission to display our posters. This is a great opportunity to get to know area businesses, get your exercise steps, or stroll with your kids or friends.


      Social Media Manager (can be divided into various platforms) Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of the many others, social media is THE way most people today keep up to date on the community around them. If you've got mad skills for creating fun and interesting posts, HG can use your help. We would love to build campaigns for upcoming events across multiple platforms. You can help us grow our followers and audiences. Some unique opportunities here!

      Photographers / Videographers Much of what we do is visual in nature. Our words have more impact when accompanied by still pictures or video productions. We have the good fortune of many talented photographers and videographers in our community. Whether professionals or amateurs, HG can put your talents to use: cast photos, advertising pictures, photo or video archiving, social media video clips, YouTube, etc.

      Website Maintenance  A vibrant website requires frequent updates and almost daily maintenance. There is nothing more boring than a static site – especially when it represents the excitement of an arts program! The impact of our site grows by the number of “hits” we can generate on daily basis. If you have a flair for generating interesting articles and know what will make followers “check in”, this might be a great fit for your abilities.

      Bloggers  Blogging today is the life blood of a website. The most visited and highest rated sites have new blog entries every single day, sometimes several times per day. As one can imagine this is a daunting goal for most non-profits. If HG had multiple authors of different interests, we could generate current and ongoing excitement for our organization.

      Copy Writers   Everything from print advertising, radio copy, posters, programs, etc. requires writing skills. Put your talents to work. for HG...can you convey necessary information in a way that excites or inspires the reader?  If so, this position is made for you!


      Board Members Members of the Hamilton-Gibson Board of Directors are nominated by the Governance Committee and serve on the board for one or more 3 year terms. They set policy, plan funding, and protect our financial well-being. Members oversee the goals and mission of the organization as well as developing long range Strategic Planning.

      Music Librarian The HG Choirs have a substantial library of sheet music that requires regular filing and maintenance.

      Newsletter/Mailings The HG office has multiple newsletters, fundraising appeals, and other mailings that get prepared, folded, labeled, and sorted several times a year. A fun get together over a cup or two of coffee, maybe even some donuts, this is an opportunity to relax with friends while accomplishing important projects.

      General Filing Ever been to the HG office? Lots and lots and, oh yeah, LOTS of papers that will eventually need to be sorted or filed. Like any busy operation, this need is never ending.

      Data Entry Be an integral part of all HG activities by helping with data entry of cast lists, donations, and numerous other vital pieces of information.


      Grant Writing HG exists, in part, due to generous grants from charitable foundations. This would be a highly specialized but incredibly important volunteer role functioning closely with the office staff. If you’ve got writing skills and can follow the various parameters set forth by donor organizations for their applications, you could be a huge asset to the HG family!

      Housekeeping As a non-profit, we don't have contract cleaning services coming in to run a vacuum and dust the lamp shades. This would be a fun monthly project for a group of friends or families to keep the HG House in “Guest Friendly” order.


      Building & Grounds The B&G Committee is Chaired by the Vice President of the HG Board of Directors and has the responsibility of overall upkeep of the building and property on Water Street. Semi-annual work-bees are scheduled spring and fall for large clean-ups but volunteers are needed throughout the year as well.

      Gardeners Volunteer gardeners improve the curb appeal of the grounds using their green thumbs to keep the flower beds and landscaping in pristine condition. If you have the talent we have the dirt!

      Exterior House Maintenance We need those hands-on pros for gutter cleaning, painting, repair jobs, tree trimming, and all the fun that comes with home maintenance.

      Interior House Maintenance Handy with tools and basic interior repairs? There is always a long wish-list of things to be done inside the HG House. Grab your tool belt, check with staff, and let the fun begin!


      House Manager (coordinates others and liaises with Director) Usually, but not always,
      handled by HG Staff, the House Manager organizes ticketing, concessions, and other event volunteers duties. S/he maintains contact with the Director to know when doors can be opened, assigns the curtain speech, prepares for intermission duties, etc. In short the HM runs the show before the show of the night.

      Ticket Sales Love meeting absolutely everyone? Master of small-talk? Able to juggle conversation AND money at the same time? Have we got a position for you! Ticket sellers need quick math abilities coupled with the skill to focus and stay calm during the pressure of 70 people waiting in line. These positions are very face forward and give the opportunity to meet friends, family, neighbors, and visitors... YOU are the FIRST representative of the HG program.

      Concessions Manager  The manager will work closely with office personnel and directors to research, select, maintain, and present a variety of concession items for sale during HG events. Even concessions
      require creativity when we attempt to match the theme of an event with the goodies we offer for sale! The manager will supervise the volunteer sales staff.

      Concession Sales Most HG events offer a variety of refreshments and snacks before an event opens and during intermissions. Concerts and comedians may find us with concessions available throughout the performance. Some basic math skills and ability to make change are required but this is another of the positions that allows you to mingle with guests.

      Programs/ Ticket Collection Most HG events include programs and involve ticketing. For this volunteer position put on a smile, say hello, and welcome our guests to great entertainment...oh yeah...and take their ticket and hand them a program!

      Ushers HG ushers prep the house before an event and during the event assist in finding seats, accommodating special needs, maybe sometimes suggesting that someone slide over a seat or two to make room for another person or persons, and keeping the House Manager apprised of any audience issues. Following the performance ushers are asked to do a quick clean up of the audience area.

      Decorators If you have one of those interior design or decorator genes and love to bring a room to life, here's your chance to show off! HG often spruces up The Gallery at The Warehouse (lobby) for special events or a holiday. If you've ever visited during “Dickens of a Christmas” you know the talent of our volunteers. Opportunities also exist to decorate the HG House/Office, and various other performance venues.

      Curtain Speech Long for the spotlight, however briefly? You may be asked to give the pre-show curtain speech. It consists of welcoming guests to the HG production of “_________” and maybe a synopsis of the show; reminding patrons to turn off their phones...”That's right, I said OFF, not vibrate! The cast WILL know if you break the rule!”; recognizing and heaping wild applause and adulation upon our WONDERFUL SPONSORS (without whom we do not exist), and other pertinent information for the event. It's fun, it's quick, Be a Star for just a moment!

      Opening Night Party Planner Creative social butterflies and hosts or hostesses with the most or mostesses are needed for our Opening Night Parties that allow the audience to meet the cast and crew. Many of these gatherings feature themed food spreads that celebrate the show. If you can have fun, work within a budget, order and organize drinks and hors d'oeurves, set a table, and oversee the clean up afterwards, use your imagination and make this your special moment!


      Drama Camps  (IMPORTANT: most adult positions will require appropriate clearances)
      HG offers student Drama Camps for children in 3rd though 9th grade. Camps are usually held in winter and summer and last from one to two weeks. Adults help with camp operations and supervision. There are theater games, costume workshops, prop making, lighting and sound, and requires a special skill set akin to herding cats. The reward is watching as many as 90 young people come together within just a few days to perform an outstanding play or musical! For these camps we need lighting techs, sound techs and volunteers to sell tickets at the show!  Contact the office for more information.

      HG Choirs  Adults interested in volunteering with the youth choirs should contact the office to discuss available opportunities.  HG ofers four choirs to area youth in Tioga County and beyond: Young Men's Choir For boys in grades 9–12 or younger boys with changed voices.  The Young Women's Choir For girls in grades 9-12.  The Children's Concert Choir For boys and girls in grades 5-8 and Choir Too for singers in grades 2–4 who are finding their singing voices.

      CAST & CREW

      Stage Manager  A Stage Manager is the Director's right hand individual. You will literally be responsible for helping with nearly ALL aspects of the event from auditions to striking the set at the end. Not for the faint of heart, this position requires a working relationship with the director, attention to detail, tireless dedication, imagination, organization, human relations skills and tact, stamina, and so much more!  The reward for all this hard work? You walk away from a successful show with the respect of your Director, your cast and crew, and your audience. Yes, we say YOUR because you will feel every bit as responsible for the shows success. Contact one of our directors or the staff and ask if you might have what it takes.

      Set Design/Construction  Stage sets can be minimalist or “kitchen sink” (meaning everything but...well sometimes even including the sink) but regardless require imagination and design. Maybe a straight back wooden chair needs to evoke multiple emotions depending on its placement or an elaborate two-story set demands several carpenters to create. HG needs both the creative side and the building talents to pull off our productions. A favorite of many actors and crew, we still never seem to have enough help. Let us know if you have some time and interest and we will find a spot for you in an upcoming production.

      Painters  Many sets call for painted backdrops. We have some remarkable artists associated with the HG family but will always welcome more. Your individual talent will really shine when your creation is on display in our productions!

      Costumes Have an eye for spotting clothing that might work in several different time periods just by adjusting a bit here and there? Seamstress or fashion designer? Born scavenger who loves to roam the thrift shops? Costuming is fun, creative, maddening at times, but ever so rewarding when your work takes to the stage. This is often a collaborative effort of many talents working together to bring a show to life.

      Makeup  Depending on the production and the venue, make-up can be minimal or extensive. Some amateur actors are not comfortable applying their own “stage” look which, by the way, is often MUCH different than daily make-up. Stage make up highlights areas that get washed out or lost in the harsh lighting of the theater. There's a learning curve but if it sounds like fun be sure to let HG know of your interest.

      Sound Techs  Another integral part of all productions are the technical positions. Sound techs offer balance for a performance, making sure everything meant to be heard by an audience, including voices,
      background and special effects, and music happens in a natural way. HG schedules regular training sessions for tech positions so if you are interested make sure we are aware to get you on the next list.

      Lighting Techs Lighting for stage is so much more than turning a bulb on and off. Depth, shadows, side-lighting, color, etc all play a huge role in setting the mood and tone of a scene. You will work closely with a director to develop his or her vision and bring it to life. HG schedules regular training sessions for tech positions so if you are interested make sure we are aware to get you on the next list.

      Prop Master Someone unfamiliar with theater may not realize that nearly every scrap of paper that appears on stage is a planned prop. Aside from scraps of paper, HG has thousands of props, from antiques for period productions, to homemade specialty items, hmmm...there might even be a coffin, stored away and ready for use in our shows. Organizing, maintaining, and selecting items that work in a play can be a lot of fun. This is another position that works closely with directors and stage managers.

      Actors  If a Director is the brains of a production and Tech personnel are the backbone, actors are THE SOUL. These are the volunteers who spend hours developing their character, memorizing lines, team building, remembering blocking and cues, sometimes learning music or choreography, and ultimately, facing the critique of an audience each night of performance. While that may sound terrifying to some,
      what most people don't know is how much FUN all that work can be. What you see on stage is an END result...backstage and/or during rehearsals, casts and crew form life long friendships, laugh often, support one another, handle prop and costume malfunctions, all while enjoying the adrenaline rush of live theater. Part of the HG Mission Statement is to provide acting opportunities to people of all ages in our community.  Watch for auditions (which are fun NOT stressful) and join the fun!

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