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      The Hamilton-Gibson Women's Project began in 2016 as a result of the realization that more women than men audition for HG plays, and that there were often more roles for men than for women.  Barbara Biddison, Linda Iseri, and Lilace Guignard volunteered to work together to provide leadership to address this clear need.  In 2018 Jessie Thompson joined Barbara and Lilace at the helm, after Linda Iseri left the area.

      HGWP helps women connect in a variety of ways in the context of theatre arts. Since its inception, women have had greater opportunities to act, but also to write, direct, design (sets and lights), run sound and light boards, and produce eclectic entertainment for Northcentral Pennsylvania. Some seasons there are opportunities for men to act, direct, help backstage, and take workshops. We are grateful for several grants over the years from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and for our loyal sponsors.

      Scan below to see what we’ve done so far, and click on Upcoming Events to see how you can get involved.

      Mission Statement: The mission of the Hamilton-Gibson Women's Project is to provide opportunities for women of all ages to enrich and empower their lives through community performing arts. We will create more and diverse roles for women in plays and offer workshops on the full range of theatre skills. As an incubator for female creativity, we will enrich Hamilton-Gibson Productions by funneling trained and talented women into positions onstage and backstage, in the green room and the boardroom.



      HER VOICES—April

      26 women reading short nonfiction essays by women in readers theatre fashion, with two female musicians during intermission

      Producers: Barbara Biddison, Lilace Guignard, and Linda Iseri


      Memoir-writing workshops preparing for fall performance

      Instructors: Pat Davis and Linda Williams

      WOMEN’S PROJECT WEEKEND—September 30-October 2

      Memoirs—20 women wrote and performed

      Short Play Festival—6 women directed short plays, most first-time directors

      Workshops—Amy Rene Byrne from Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble held workshops in improvisation and stage combat





      20 women learned about writing a ten-minute one act

      Instructor: Clare Ritter

      FEEDBACK READINGS—March & April

      4 sessions in which drafts of plays were read aloud and discussed; 25 women attended

      Facilitator: Clare Ritter

      WHAT SHE WROTE—October 26, 27, 28, & 29

      Producer: Clare Ritter; Set Designer: Linda Young

      5 original plays by 5 women were accepted and directed by 5 women; casts consisted of men and women





      Over three workshops, 20 women learned why and how directors are increasing opportunities for women to play nontraditional roles by adapting or genderbending familiar works and discussed the history of women in theatre.

      Instructor: Lilace Guignard

      READ-AROUNDS—March & April

      15 women gathered over 4 sessions to read aloud from a variety of scripts, exploring men’s roles and non-traditional women’s roles, including scripts written or adapted by local women.

      Facilitator: Linda Iseri


      Producer: Lilace Guignard; Set Designer: Linda Young

      5 women wrote and adapted a variety of short plays and monologues exploring gender roles on and off stage, 6 women directed, casts involved 25 men and women, stage design, lights, and sound all designed and run by women



      Saturday, May 18

      Acting Workshop for ages 12-Infinity

      Instructor: Dave Hugo, Long Island University/Post Theatre

      Friday, July 26: Intro to Directing

      Saturday, July 27: Intermediate Directing

      Instructor: Anna Ward, Appalachian State University

      LET’S CAST SOME LIGHT ON THE SUBJECT—October 11, 12, and 13

      Produced by Barbara Biddison and Colleen Evert; Set Designer: Linda Young

      Short pieces with one or two actors; male and female


      SHREW (postponed due to pandemic)

      Producer: Clare Ritter; Set Designer: Linda Young

      WORKSHOP—August 22

      Four Keys to Authentic Acting

      Instructor: Jessie Thompson



      Writing— Spring/Summer

      13 women learned to research a local/Pennsylvania woman from any time period and write a monologue in her voice.

      Instructor: Lilace Guignard

      Directing— June 26

      Women learn how to work with an actor to develop a character and run focused rehearsals.

      Instructor: Jessie Thompson


      Saturday, August 28 @10 a.m.

      Monday, August 30 @ 6:30 p.m.

      Wednesday, September 1 @ 6:30 p.m.

      Roles available for women ages 14 and up, all ethnicities and anyone identifying as female are encouraged to attend auditions at the Warehouse Theater.

      WOODPECKER LIPS—October 29-31, November 5-7

      Produced by Jessie Thompson

      13 original monologues written by local women to be performed by local women who’ll portray these historical and contemporary Pennsylvania women.

      Produced by Jessie Thompson

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