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      July 11 from 1PM to 5PM

      July 12 from 7PM to 9PM

      The Warehouse Theatre (next to Native Bagel) 

      Hamilton-Gibson Productions invites people of all ages to open auditions for their annual Tune In To Radio HG radio play festival, scheduled for August 6 through 9, 2020. “Current CDC guidelines make it hard to bring audiences and performers together,” said Gabe Hakvaag, producer of the Tune In To Radio HG festival. “This year, we decided to hold the annual radio play festival on-line, so our audience can hear our performances at home, just like listening to a radio broadcast.” Each day of the festival, a new slate of programs will be posted to Hamilton-Gibson’s website to stream.


      This year’s festival directors are Yolie Canales, Sarah Knight, Mitch Kreisler, Sarah Duterte, Titus Himmelberger and Gabe Hakvaag. Sean Bartlett will produce and perform live sound effects.


      The Tune In To Radio HG festival is entering its fourth year. As in years past, each day’s performance will include a different slate of classic and contemporary audio dramas, performed by voice actors with the help of live music and sound effects. The festival will include classic radio shows such as The Whistler, Easy Aces, Sam Spade, Fibber McGee and Mollie, Popeye the Sailor, and Gunsmoke. Contemporary radio shows will include The Pepperoni’s by Eric Coble, The Firesign Theater’s Sesame Mucho, and an adaptation of The Fall of the House of Usher. Several original radio plays have been written for the festival, including DadTective and the return of Community Pet Corner, both written by Sarah Knight. 


      Auditions will be scheduled to allow for proper social distancing and will follow CDC guidelines to ensure safety of participants. Auditions will be held in half hour blocks at the Warehouse Theater, with no more than eight individuals in the theater at any given time. Short sections, or sides, of scripts will be provided to participants in advance. Between auditions, all surfaces will be disinfected. 

      Audition slots will be held on July 11 between 1pm and 5pm and on July 12 between 7pm and 9pm. All auditions will be at The Warehouse Theatre in Wellsboro. To sign up for an audition slot, email WBFRHG@gmail.com or contact Hamilton-Gibson Productions by calling 570-724-2079.

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