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      January 24, 25, 31 & February 1 - 7:30PM

      January 26 - 2:30PM

      The Warehouse Theatre

      Sponsored by Bill & Shirley Hebe and

      Spencer, Gleason, Hebe & Ragu PC

      Play Written by Thomas Putnam

      Rehearsals for Hamilton-Gibson's rousing revival of the wild courtroom farce "A Pound of Flesh" are underway. "This play is "a loose—very loose—adaptation of William Shakespeare’s 'The Merchant of Venice'," said Thomas Putnam, Hamilton-Gibson's artistic director who wrote it. 

      Performances will be at 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, Jan. 24 and 25 and Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 and at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 26 in the Warehouse Theatre at 3 Central Avenue in Wellsboro. The production is co-sponsored by William and Shirley Hebe and Spencer, Gleason, Hebe, & Rague, P.C.

      "'A Pound of Flesh' abounds with puns, slapstick and laughs aplenty and has many contemporary references," Putnam said. HG originally produced this play in 1999 in the Tioga County Courthouse in Wellsboro where it is set. "Even though this goofy spoof is based on William Shakespeare's play, no knowledge of 'The 'Merchant' or Shakespeare is necessary to laugh with this court." said Putnam.  

      "Some of the names have been twisted from the Bard's originial, so that the money lender in the original, Shylock, has now become a woman financier named Ms. Skye Locke," Putnam said.  "The disguised woman lawyer in the original, Portia, has now become Portia Carre. The unfortunate man from whom Ms. Skye Locke intends to remove a pound of flesh, Antonio, is now Andy Tony Neo."

      In the cast are: Sean Bartlett as Judge Jud Judge who likes to eat and likes the blues; Timothy Wilbourne as Bailiff 1;  Cody Losinger as Baliff 2; Lilace Guignard as Ms. Skye Locke, the highly polished, tight, severe, financial wizard of Wellsboro; Coleen Evert as Jessica Patty Locke, Skye’s daughter who is in love with Bassey; Natalie Himmelberger as Portia Lucretia Lolita Maurgarita Carre, a lawyer, representing Andy; Titus Himmelberger as Andy Tony Neo, a pig farmer who is in love with Portia; Joshua Allen as Bassey  Neo, Andy’s brother who is in love with Jessica; and Louie Preston as the Stenographer.
      The host of witnesses who have cameo roles and appear only during their testimony on the stand include: June East, owner/manager of the Wellsboro Diner played by Kacy Hagan; Scratch Pettit, owner/manager of “The Leash We Can Do,” the complete dog care company played by Mitch Kriesler; Dr. Sigried Freub, psychologist, played by Phil Waber;  Anna Donna Hannah D’Verted, a teacher at Wellsboro High School, played by Erin Topf;  Dr. Fay Slift, a plastic surgeon, played by Lori Bowers; and Dr. Happy N. Bright, a medical doctor, played by Kate Sholonski.

      Reviving her role as Dr. Happy N. Bright from the original performed in 1999 is Kate Sholonski. "As you may guess, Dr. Bright is full of sunshine and laughter, and Kate is the perfect person for this role," Putnam said. 

      "In keeping with Shakespeare's comedies, this goofy spoof of his 'Merchant of Venice' utilizes much of his style including bawdy humor and  innuendo. Some may find these elements offensive," said Putnam. 

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