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      We started the HG Women’s Project when once again we realized that more women show up for auditions than men, and that there just seems to be more men’s roles than women’s roles .  After a wonderful audition session for Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike wherein there were 8 women and one man present—auditioning for the 2 males roles and three women roles—I thought that we need to do something. At the session I asked the auditionees why they were auditioning. One indicated that she her husband had recently died and that she was back in the area and trying to get on with her life with something meaningful. One indicated she was recently retired and finally had time to commit to a rehearsal schedule. As each one commented, I realized that we perhaps were failing in our mission to “provide opportunities for all people to enrich and empower their lives through community performing arts.”

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