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      Some Brilliant Things by Thomas Putnam. Putnam is adding to his list.

      I'm not really sure what the purpose of a blog is and I don't know if anyone even reads these things. My brain, however, is full of this play—Every Brilliant Thing—and everything in it so some of these blogs between now and September 13 are going to be an overflow from this EBT-filled being. (And the overflow may not make a whole lot of sense!) I say being, because it's more than my brain that is consumed with it. Seems like everywhere I look and everything I talk about and everything I dream has to do with it.

      A few thoughts.

      This character is never named. His parents—mom and dad—are never named. Other characters in the story are named—well four of them, and two of them are dogs. Just wondering why the playwright doesn't name the three main characters?

      Some of the play is improv. Sometimes an audience member will be asked to stand in for a character. This is brilliant. With the subject matter so serious it helps to have the fun of interaction with the audience members. And it's improv, and much of life is just one big improv. We never know what's going to happen when we wake up each morning—or if we're going to wake up. The basic guideline of improv “Yes....and...” is a healthy way to approach anything that we might face each morning.

      Music is a big part of this character's way of dealing with things. That makes perfect sense to me.

      Spending time observing things that are wonderful in life makes perfect sense to me. This character began his list of brilliant/wonderful things when he was seven. Would that all seven year olds could begin such a life practice.

      A few brilliant things today:

      a gentle fan in my upstairs office at 29 Water Street...a few papers offering visual proof that the air is indeed moving

      a thoughtful unhurried lunch with a son who is soon to return to college

      checking things off a to do list after being away from the office for a week

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