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      Sometime by Thomas Putnam. Putnam plays in the one-man play Every Brilliant Thing this September.

      There's a line in Every Brilliant Thing that reads: “If you've lived a long life and never once felt crushingly depressed you probably haven't been paying attention.”

      This may sound at first read a bit morose, but read it a few more times...and attend one of the performances of EBT. The play is a celebration of paying attention. Paying attention to the times we are “crushingly depressed” and the times we are overwhelmingly joyful. It's all part of life—the ups and downs—and the one who is truly living is definitely paying attention.

      The play has been a rich one to work with. First, just memorizing the lines, but then, and more interestingly perhaps, are the revelations and connections and moments of “Hmmm.”

      Mary Oliver's poem came to mind:
      Instructions for living a life:
      Pay attention.
      Be astonished.
      Tell about it.

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