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      A FULL SUMMER by Breana Millard. Millard is one of two summer interns with HG. She is a graduate of Troy High School and attends Elmira College.

      As a Hamilton Gibson intern I had many wonderful experiences this summer. One of many favorite experiences happened at the very beginning of my internship. I was able to help run Hamilton-Gibson annual children’s summer camp, The Little Mermaid, where I interacted with our future stars of tomorrow.

      Working with children is always different than adults but the biggest learning curve I had to face with this production was the fact that we were producing a whole one-act show in just a week. It was mind blowing to watch how fast these children picked up choreography, music, and even lines. We started on a Friday and some of the children had fully memorized everything by the following Monday. By opening night, I was able to learn how to call a show from backstage and leave enough time to help the children be fully costumed and in places. The Little Mermaid will forever be one of my favorite memories from this experience.
      Besides learning how to call a show and interact with actors from multiple age groups, I had a lot of other wonderful hands on experiences this summer. I was able to paint my first backdrop beside my fellow intern, Annabelle Lucas. She, being more experience in the technical side of theatre, taught me how to work with several types of paint and how to create basic rock and cloud designs on the set. I also learned how to operate a fly rail safely and was able to efficiently convey my knowledge to our fly master for our production of Mamma Mia. Overall, this internship has taught me valuable lessons on how the technical and business side of the theatre world works as well as given me opportunities to display what I have learned about the performance side. I would recommend this internship to anyone looking to gain more knowledge about the entire process that goes into putting on a show or who wants to gain some more hands on experience.

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