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      IT BEGINS by Thomas W. Putnam. Putnam is directing the November play THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME

      We had our first rehearsal for THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME last night. We read through the entire play and heard a voice for each of the characters. We got a glimpse of the whole and the connections of characters. We heard, and over the next three months we will re-hear at each re-hearsal.

      We have one new person in the cast who has never been in any play with us before. We have two people who have only been in one other play with us. The rest have been in a number of shows. This is a community that will learn to appreciate and encourage and trust one another.

      The first rehearsal always holds some apprehension for me. I'm still in the second guessing stage of the process where-in I find myself re-thinking—stressfully--whether I cast the right people. However much I tell myself that the first cold read-through doesn't indicate squat about what is going to happen with each role, I still find myself second guessing.

      I didn't do much second guessing last night. I'm pretty settled: this is a solid cast. Smart, creative people who are committing to something worthwhile for three months. So—Rob, Kimberly, Brett, Nikki, Keegan, Herb, Linda, Sarah, Alexandra, Forrest, and Griffen—here's to a rich and wonderful three months. It has begun...

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