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      And Now...Into the Peach!

      We've got two James. These two ten year olds are lots of fun and are working hard. Neither of them has done anything like a main-stage production, especially in a role that is on stage nearly the entire time. Jude Cuneo and Garrett Brion are jumping into the role with energy and determination.

      This is one fun musical. By the same team that created THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, this musical boasts some of the catchiest and delightful music you'll hear...ever. Really. It's jazzy and fun and clever. And the characters! The five insects are wonderfully unique individuals...and played by some wonderfully unique actors. Samantha Coolidge plays the lovely aristocratic Ladybug; Tessa Heck plays the wise-cracking but motherly Spider; Tim Wilbourne plays the gentlemanly Grasshopper; Matt Huels plays the fearful Earthworm, and Aidan Locke plays sour-puss Centipede. The two aunts are played by Nikki York and Josh Hastings; and you will be hard pressed to find relatives so overwhelmingly un-family-like. (Perhaps the aunt and uncle of Harry Potter give a slight idea...but still no where near the level of these two aunts.)

      The whole play is overseen by a mysterious encourager called Ladahlord played by MU student Nick Duffy. (You may have seen him in MU's Young Frankenstein.)

      We're exploring ways to create to giant peach...that flies and floats and lands on the top of the Empire State Building. Details...merely details.

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