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      A Few Hours of Respite and Refreshment

      We’re rehearsing just about every night for Calendar Girls. I’m sorry—and ashamed?—to report that the idea of spending this much time with a group of 10 women was a bit overwhelming. Add to the mix that the women we ultimately cast are intelligent women of strong opinions and I wondered if I was up to the challenge. (Please note that I admire and celebrate strong opinions; it’s just that I wondered if all those various strong opinions in the same room would be too much for me.)

      I am delighted to say that the rehearsals/gatherings have been a kind of therapy for me. I’m going through a rough time personally and it’s tough for me to get beyond all of that enough to function well. The few hours—and we’ve been having some long rehearsals—of rehearsal sessions have completely taken me outside of my own personal muddiness and offered a refreshing respite.

      There is much laughter during these rehearsals. The characters in the story do a lot of laughing. The actors playing those characters do a lot of laughing. It’s a funny script. This is positive in itself, but beyond that is the acute dedication each of these actors is bringing to the process. More than the basic line memorization, each is thoughtful and eager to explore their roles and the context of the play. Amidst the wonderful, genuine, affirming laughter is a rigorous dialogue of issues, character, themes.

      Thanks to   Yolie Canales, Sam Coolidge, Mary Ginn, Lilace Guignard, Linda Iseri, Pam Kathcart, Michelle Lockwood, Jen Painter, and Judith Sornberger for offering this enriching and empowering opportunity.

      Some of the cast members may be offering their own take on this process here in this blog. Keep tuned in.

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