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      A TIME FOR BASKING by Barbara Biddison

      Tdove333he six-day run of WOODPECKER LIPS was a beautiful thing to behold. The year's worth of writing and rewriting, and of director's workshops to prepare for actual directing, and of auditions to find just the right actor for each monologue--all this came together in six performances, most of them "sold out." We worked hard. We saw women do things we/they had never done before. We met people we had never met before. And then it was time to strike the set--poof! and it was gone. So I thought to myself, "Ahhh, it's time for basking."

      Basking, as in "to bask in the glory," and "to take pleasure in the attention." and "to feel the warmth and light." For just a day, or maybe even just a few hours, forget the laundry piled up by the washing machine, and the unbalanced checkbook. Just sit quietly and bask. Your phone will ring. Don't answer it. The dog will want to go out. That one's okay--just let her out and go bask in the sun with her. When such a project engages over 30 women to produce it and holds full audiences in total attention for 12 monologues every night....then we all deserve to bask a bit.

      So I did for about a day. Then came Acting Up where all but 2 were in or saw WOODPECKER, and the next day I caught a rehearsal of ALLTOGETHERNOW so I could write a blog about it. I floated along until Saturday when we saw the actual ALLTOGETHER NOW show up at the high school. And once again I can bask What talent we have here. The young people singing and dancing! The soloists of all ages! And Thomas Putnam who latches on to this opportunity for community theatres to participate in a fund-raising global event celebrating the performing arts. Let us all bask in the warmth and light in this little rural community we call home.

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