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      IT'S GOOD TO SEE GABE ON STAGE by Thomas Putnam

      b 9 21I saw THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT on opening night at the Warehouse Theatre. The script is terrific. I had read it a few years ago when we first considered it for the upcoming season. Of course things got shut down so we had to postpone it. Finally it has been able to open. A very natural set; it all works for the four different locations in the story. I knew what to expect in regards to the story, through seeing it and hearing it and experiencing it with a live audience is a whole new thing; one for which I am very grateful.

      Lilace Guignard plays a complicated publication editor. Ramon Duterte plays an intern assigned to fact check an essay written by a famous writer, played by Gabe Hagvaag. Sometime during the show I realized that I really haven't seen Gabe on stage much. He's performed in some radio shows and a few short play festivals and the TIOGA CHANGES at the fairgrounds, but when was the last time we've seen him in a big role like this one. (Any of these three roles would be great to play!) It was wonderful to see him explore and dig into this juicy role.

      Gabe is incredibly busy. Besides being a full-time husband and father (of young adults), he is active in a number of important endeavors in our community. In church he teaches a class for teens and runs the tech aspects to get services available to many at home. He is active in politics and works hard to help community members to be aware of issues and make reasonable choices for the good of all. With HG Gabe has directed many mainstage shows and projects. He's evolved the annual radio festival offering opportunities for directing and tech-ing and acting for many. He is currently overseeing the re-hauling of our entire tech systems, utilizing the gifts so many have donated to the Stephen Worthington memorial tech fund. Gabe serves on the Artistic Planning Committee which helps to fashion the season for the upcoming year. Did I mention he has a full-time job as well?

      His portrayal of the brilliant writer in this play works. Many times audience members comment on how an actor must be just like the character they have played because it seems so natural. This is certainly true in some cases, but more often I believe it just points to good acting. There may be some elements of this writer's character and personality that Gabe shares, but...I know Gabe. And this wasn't Gabe up there on stage making very clear and passionate rationale for his writing choices; this was just darn good acting.

      You owe it to yourself to see this dynamic trio—well directed by Jessie Thompson—bring this fascinating and challenging script to life. Performances on September 11, 17, 18 at 7:30; and September 12 and 19 at 2:30. We're wearing masks so we can keep live theatre live. Be aware that some of the language is a bit salty, but never gratuitous. Check it out.

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