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      If you haven't heard of Noel Coward, now is the time we make sure that you have. He was British.

      If you haven't heard of Noel Coward, now is the time we make sure that you have. He was British. He was classy. He was funny. He wrote plays, composed, directed, acted, sang. His plays include Private Lives, Hay Fever, Present Laughter, Design for Living and a few score more. Remember the Julie Andrews film STAR!; he was portrayed in that story of Gertrude Lawrence.

      Blithe Spirit is one of his most well-known plays, and one that we're producing soon. (Auditions this weekend.) He wrote it in six days while on holiday after his office and apartment were bombed in WWII. It was first produced in 1941 in England, then later that year in New York. It's had numerous revivals both in England and on Broadway, most recently in 2009 with Angela Lansbury as Madame Arcati—she was 89 years old!

      There are some great roles. Charles, the writer who is trying to gather information for his next venture; Elvira, his first wife—deceased, though very present!; Ruth, his second wife, very much alive though very pissed that the deceased wife still seems to be hanging around!; Madame Arcati the medium (I'd like to play this in drag sometime...); Doctor Bradman, Mrs. Bradman, Edith a maid. Remember those scene in the film Ghost with Whoopi Goldberg when she's talking with the ghost of Patrick Swayze? Add some very witty dialogue and clever situations and you get an idea of the tenor of this play.

      Clare Ritter is directing this one. Performances in April. It's a lot of fun with roles of different sizes. All the roles are adults. Auditions are fun; think of them as another adventure, not as a judgment on your worth. There are seven roles. Maybe 8 or 25 people will audition. Do the math; at least one person is not going to get a role no matter how good an actor they are. Have fun; if you don't get a role, the next audition process will be less intimidating.

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