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      I don't know much about Johnny Cash.

      I don't know much about Johnny Cash. My brother listened to him all the time and knows a lot about him and can sing many of his songs. I know a few songs and can identify his voice, but know very little about the man and his challenges/struggles. I'm looking forward to walking around in his skin for the next few months. (Not to mention replacing the earworm from “Candy Man” to “I Walk the Line.”)

      I've said it many times, that this is one of the great perks of being a part of a theatre project: the opportunity to get to know not only the other participants, but the characters in the play. I've ordered some films and books about Cash, and have begun listening to his music...and listening to those who love him.

      At the auditions I asked the auditionees why they were auditioning? Love for the man or his music? Just love musicals? Simply want to do something different and this is the next HG show? Identify with Cash's struggles/addictions/passions/heart for the common man? I found a number of people who have a great respect for Johnny Cash.

      The show is not a bio-musical; it is more a revue of the music he sang. There are some autobiographical notes that the cast simply present between songs, but most of it is singing...lots of it. I'm sure the audience will begin singing along on some of them—we all did at the auditions. Some of the songs I had never heard of—and even a few of the die-hard fans hadn't heard of them—but many will be familiar to audience members.

      Here we go.

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