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      WHY WOULD I WANT TO DIRECT by Barbara Biddison

      Bjlu5Because I think it makes me a better actor.  Because it gives me a voice in the bigger picture.  Because right now I have a chance to direct a play by a local woman, and I can cast it from the pool of locals who show up for auditions.  Because Hamilton-Gibson Women's Project has 13 short monologues to choose from, all of them featuring a woman with connection to Pennsylvania, and all of them written by women who live right here.  Because Jesse Thompson is producing and she's an experienced actor and director, and I know she'll help me if I get stuck.  Sound good?  We're still looking for more directors.  This is truly the chance of a lifetime to give it a try!!!

      Am I suggesting that HGWP women should give it a try?  That there are still monologues looking for a director?  YES!    About half of these monologues are still hoping for their very own director.  I know one thing that made me hesitate was that I am not very tech savvy.  Would I have to hang my own lights?  Create my own sound effects?  All that?  Fortunately Jessie to the rescue with "all that."  She'll help with set arrangement and lighting and sound.  Yea!  And the stage design concept is very simple, using Woodpecker colors of black and white and red.   And directors and actors can be creative with costume.   Directors do need to be available for audition dates Sat. Aug. 28, 10am, Mon. Aug. 30, 6:30pm, and Wed. Sept. 1, 6:30pm.  And, of course for rehearsals.  By the way, monologue writers can direct or act, but not their own monologue.  Jessie and Lilace have done a marvelous job of organizing this very ambitious project.
      In 2008 I had my first directing experience.  When I broke both wrists at the same time, and had "external fixators" to stabilize  the wrists as they healed for three months, there wasn't much that I could do on stage.  So,  the Taste of Tioga Festival of local original short plays to the rescue.  I directed "Three Sisters in the Back Seat" by Katherine Mattoon and featuring Catherine Lannak and Linda Williams, and Yolie Canales as the sisters.  I believe this was the first play in HG's history to be written, directed, and acted  all by females.  Long before HGWP was even a glimmer of hope.    Anyone reading this, thinking about directing for the first time, must realize that it is not necessary to be motivated by broken wrists to do so.   Pop off an email to Jessie!    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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