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      We are in our second theatre arts camp.

      We are in our second theatre arts camp. The camp in Blossburg was composed of 75 kids from the Southern Tioga and Wellsboro School Districts. That's a lot of Oompa-Loompas. That's a lot of connections made. 8 different schools were represented and many of these kids had never met the others before. That's some serious connecting in less than two weeks.

      And connections are what we're all about.

      Now we're in Elkland and have 65 kids participating. From six different schools. A lot of connecting. Some of these kids have never been on stage before. I'll bet a few of them have never seen a live theatrical piece before. And none of them have ever worked on a particular creative venture with this particular group of kids and adults—ever; and they never will again. And next week when they perform it three times—once for their peers, and twice for the public—each of the three performances will be the only time they will experience that creative happening. The joys of live theatre. Decisions are made on the spot (What if someone forgets a line, or a prop is not where it should be, or the lights don't come on or the sound track is early or late or never, or...?) Bio-rhythms change dramatically, and there are 65 different bio-rhythms at each performance, that calls for some adjustment in response and reactions. Each audience is different: the matinee for kids will be noisy and will laugh at moments that the evening audiences will not. Each moment is different and presents new challenges. Wonderful growth can happen. Kids have the opportunity to enrich and empower their lives through the performing arts.

      Many thanks to the parents who make sacrifices to get their kids there after school every day. Many thanks to Mr. Millard who is wonderfully welcoming to his school. Thanks to the custodians who put up with our presence—as I said, that's a lot of Oompa Loompas—and our residual waste.

      It's a drive over to Elkland from Wellsboro. It's worth it.

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