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      ECCE NOVUM by Thomas Putnam

      4 21The HG Choir has been meeting for about six weeks now. For the choir to meet in the summer was actually a spur-of-the-moment decision and I'm so glad it was made. The choirs have not met since March of 2020 and many of us have sorely missed it. Since our 25th Season was in 2020 and we did not have any concerts, we decided to make this summer our celebration. We invited alumni who live in the area to join with any high school students who wanted to sing, rehearsing every Monday night and preparing for a concert on August 15.

      We're singing some songs we've sung in the past. Some of the singers in this summer's choir have sung them in the past, but most have not sung more than three or four. I love of all the songs, but there are three thoughtful songs that haunt me throughout the week.

      One is a beautiful setting of the “Wynken, Blynken and Nod” poem. Everything about it works; the words, the melody line, the gently rocking accompaniment, the lush dreamy harmonies. It's all good stuff.

      Another is “We Are Not Alone”. I haven't counted, but these words are repeated over and over in the song with a steady, prevailing sense of confidence. Very simple, but what powerful words for such a time as this.

      “Ecce Novum” threads through my soul most of my waking hours these days. It's all in Latin. The accompaniment is beautiful in itself. The piece changes keys three times. Ecce means look. Behold. Pay attention to this. Novum means new. One of the blessings of the Pandemic (and yes I resolve to acknowledge as many blessings as I can) is that I seem to be more aware. In some way I am seeing things more clearly or for the first time or in a different slant of light. Ecce. Look. Pay attention. And new. There is so much new. I am much more aware of what is new...and grateful for it. Ecce novum. Good stuff. I sincerely hope you can join us on August 15.

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