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      A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S EnTeRtainMent by Thomas Putnam

      patoThat's “ENTERTAINMENT” in case you can't read the crazy fonts. The crazy fonts are an attempt to express the nature of the event on July 23, 24,25 that we've created. It's a series of short plays that don't quite follow the rules of standard playwrighting. And like Shakespeare's romp on that midsummer night, one never knows where the path may lead; one never knows what is dream or real.

      The entertainment—remember Bottom and his friends were creating just such an event as a wedding gift—provides twists and turns and lots of laughs along the way. And like Bottom's entertainment, could offer much about which to think. Ours is not a love story like Thisbe's, but it is just as wacky and wondrous.

      Five plays, three by Shel Silverstein, one by Thurber, and one by Sean Michael Welch. There's a thread running through all of them that connects them. Sometimes we lose track of that thread, but it's there nonetheless. The titles of the plays certainly begin to shed some light on that thread: “No Skronking,” “ Mr. Preble Gets Rid of His Wife,” “No Dogs Allowed,” “Duck,” and “Boise, Idaho.” Can you see the thread? No? Like I said, sometimes we lose track of the thread, but when you experience these all at once you'll see it. Or not...but no worries.

      Tim Krall is our summer intern, and we've got him in three of the plays. Pat Balon, Barbara and Larry Biddison are each in two of the plays. Natalie and Titus Himmelberger are in one. We presented two of them a few months ago in our zoomed staged reading series. Rehearsals are great fun. We want to share an evening with you. Get your tickets now since we're only presenting three performances. And remember, do not under any circumstances, skronk. But please remember to duck.

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