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      THE FIRST DAY OF JULY by Thomas Putnam

      july21How is it July already? After months of time being...well, somewhat leisurely...it now seems to be moving back to its rapid pace. Months of time almost being suspended. Seemed like there was time for pause and reflection and quiet. There seemed to be time to explore new ideas and to read books that had been on the nightstand for months and time to work on projects long put on hold. Now it's July already. I'm sort of missing those months of more time.

      That being said, perhaps those months were simply a wake-up call. A reminder of how life could be...unhurried , and less frenetic and busy. Don't get me wrong; I love work and I love being busy, but I think I've gotten a better idea of how to balance and slow down a bit.

      And that being said, I'm loving all that's happening at HG. Let's see, where to begin. I am in full planning mode for the theatre arts camp that's being held for the first time at the Tioga County Fairgrounds. Two weeks of exploration of the theme TIOGA—tales from our county's history. We're trying some new approaches this year.

      There are rehearsals in progress on our A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S ENTERTAINMENT, a series of short plays presented by 7 actors and featuring our summer intern Tim Krall. We're reprising two of our zoomed staged readings from earlier this spring: a Thurber piece and BOISE IDAHO. All the plays are quirky and fun and delightful.

      Rehearsals have now begun for the September show THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT which we needed to postpone from a year ago. The HG RADIO show has been cast and rehearsals are just beginning for that.

      The HG 25th Season Celebratory Choir has been rehearsing for six weeks and it has been pure joy to work with these current high schoolers and HG Choir almuni preparing for a concert on August 15.

      And RING OF FIRE is making another appearance—three actually—on August 24, 25, 26 at three different venues.

      ACTING UP is back in full swing on the second and fourth Tuesday afternoons at the Gallery.

      We're also in the midst of exploring the 2022 Season, looking for just the right fit. Lots of considerations.

      First of July and it's “bustin' out all over!” (Do you know what show that line is from? It's supposed to be June, but I didn't write much last month.)

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