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      x2HGWednesday night the cast of Dead Man's Cell Phone gathered for a speed-through, a rehearsal typically held between performance weekends to run all the actors' lines and get notes from the director. During our speed-through I asked Kadee Jay, who plays Jean, about a line she delivers to the Dead Man's Phone. The line is "No, he doesn't want one. He already has one. No, I don't want one. I already have one." I asked Kadee "what did the caller specifically offer?"
      I won't tell you the answer, because neither the audience, nor the actors, nor the character, Jean, could know what the caller was talking about. It's not till later in the play that we start to get answers. Who is the Dead Man? What is up with his family? And who are all these people who keep calling? The cast started pointing out other lines that were mysterious, but after you get to the end of the play, make perfect sense. Josh Allen, who plays the Dead Man's brother, Dwight, said, "You really ought to see it a second time, because then all these little moments will mean more."
      So if you've seen Dead Man's Cell Phone, consider coming out to see it again. It really is better the second time around.

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