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      It's been a week since the MLK choral celebration on January 15 at the WAHS.

      It's been a week since the MLK choral celebration on January 15 at the WAHS. Two key words—verbs--stand out in the HG mission statement: enrich and empower. HG is committed to providing opportunities for people to be able to do this: to enrich and empower their lives. And all of this is done through community performing arts.

      Last Monday night there was a whole lot of community performing arts...and there was a whole lot of enriching and empowering. When that many local people get together, from fifth grade through 80+ years old, singing together...well, that's glorious.

      Add to the community component and to the performing arts component the reason why we were gathered and the level of enrichment and empowerment rises considerably. To congregate to celebrate the life and mission of a man who found himself in the forefront of implementing positive change in our country is significant.

      A very relaxed yet purposeful spirit filled the space; it all seemed right. Many thanks to the directors of the participating choirs: Marian Miller, Jon Ruth, Dan Sensinig, Morgan Shaffer, Christina Simonis, Diana Frazier; and their accompanists. Thanks to Dr. Brenda Freeman for agreeing that is is worth doing; and to Brayden Button for tech work.

      Looking back from a distance of a handful of decades, MLK is a person in the history books. When I was looking for quotes to be spoken at the gathering, I came across a few that were startling and might very possibly anger or at least trouble us or some of us at this vantage point. MLK was advocating severe and revolutionary changes in the way we look at other human beings. I'm not sure that singing together once a year is going to make those changes in our thinking; but it's a start.

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