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      I'm moved to express my gratitude for the MLK Jr choral celebration

      I'm moved to express my gratitude for the MLK Jr choral celebration of the life and mission of King......an event planned and pieced together by Thomas Putnam. Last Monday, on the night of Martin Luther King Jr's Day, we gathered together in song at the Wellsboro Area School Auditorium. I still hear the music and feel the sense of community and love.

      Eleven choirs came together. Elementary kids, Middle School, High School, Church, and adult Community choruses joined the Hamilton-Gibson Children and Youth choirs. Each group sang a song or two, and, most remarkably, we all (including audience) sang together.....with no prior practice! What a wonderful sound that was. And what a wonderful feeling of togetherness. I have no official figures, but I'm guessing 100 singers and another 100 audience in this auditorium. All of us sang a round!!...a Shaker tune called "Building Bridges" with the Miller Singers Elementary kids leading each of the three sections. And all of us concluded with "We Shall Overcome."

      I have been singing with choirs since high school....which was quite some time ago....and I have never experienced anything like this. During the three days since, I have talked to many who say not IF we do it again but WHEN we do it again next year. Not only does it celebrate King's mission but it lets us all see how much music there is in our community. It lets adults see young folks engaged in meaningful song and it lets the young ones see that this is something they can do all their lives.

      Thanks to all who made it happen. Barbara Biddison

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