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      We're going to be announcing the 2018 Season very soon.

      We're going to be announcing the 2018 Season very soon. I can tell you, it's full of challenges. Two musicals, two British comedies, one all American Tony and Pulitzer charmer, one classic American drama (also a Tony and Pultizer winner), radio shows, winter and summer camps for kids, another HGWP, A CHRISTMAS CAROL (of course,) and a whole bunch of one-night stands and special events.

      One of the unique aspects of HG over the past 27 years has, in my opinion, been a welcoming spirit, wherein new people can feel safe and positive. Some come to act. Some to work on sets or file music or create posters or serve on the board. I hope I'm not myopic about this. We've done our best to keep that spirit alive and active. Oh, sure, there are a few people over the years who have not been cast in a role they think they ought to have been who decide there's some sort of conspiriacy at work and decide to never audition again. But there have been hundreds more who have been cast or not been cast and who come back later for another go.

      Two young men come to mind. Josh Sticklin nearly grew up with HG. In fourth grade he was in our first ever children's camp wherein we produced our version of The Pied Piper at WAHS. He was cast as the title role and shortly thereafter joined the HG Children's Choir in it's first year...and sang all the way through high school. He had various roles both with us and with the WAHS productions. One summer he was cast in the intense role of the teenager in our production of MARVIN'S ROOM. A powerful performance in a powerful intense drama. And then he auditioned for SOUTH PACIFIC and was cast as a nameless sailor in the chorus. He accepted the role and had a blast with it. I never heard him complain or whine about not getting a major role. He knew the value of “community.”

      Peter Baldo also comes to mind. He was cast as HAMLET in our touring production, as PUCK in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, as the lead in OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS, and large role in THE MIKADO. And he too was cast as a nameless sailor in the chorus of SOUTH PACIFIC. No complaints. Fulfilled his role with gusto and commitment. He knew the value of “community.”

      We're always looking for new faces. New actors, new set designers, new singers, new directors, new poster hangers, new board members, new idea people for the Fund-Raising Committee, for the Marketing Committee, for the Artistic Planning Committee. New people who could organize costumes and props and music and backstage. New stuffers of envelopes. New jugglers!

      Everything takes time. And energy. And patience. We live on the time/energy/patience of our volunteers, because we are a community performing arts group. QUOTE....


      “Community is much more than belonging to something; it's about doing something together that makes belonging matter.” Brian Solis

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