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      A PRAYER ABOUT BEING HUMAN a poem from Blessings From the Pandemic by Rich Orloff

      b4 3 21I know a lot of people say

      The pandemic is the worst thing

      They've ever had to endure

      These people have never spent a day in my brain

      Oh, the drama! The conflict!

      The anxious thoughts that pop up at bedtime

      And yell “Surprise!”

      This being human thing

      Some days I'm just not up to it

      It's exhausting and relentless

      I need a break

      Can I just be a cartoon character

      Where even after I get walloped and blown up

      In the the very next scene

      It's as if the explosion never happened

      Can I just be a sitcom character

      Where every mistake gets a hearty laugh

      Where by the end of a half-hour

      My inner audience will go “aww”

      I've met so many people

      Who have convinced me they go through the day

      As if all their troubles are solved

      By their last commercial break

      So forgive me if some days

      I can't take the pandemic too seriously

      Because I know one day it will be over

      But whatever comes next

      I'll still have to face it with this brain

      [Join us today at 7:30 or tomorrow/Sunday at 2:30 for a zoomed staged reading of BLESSINGS FROM THE PANDEMIC. You are encouraged to stay for discussion following the presentation. See hamiltongibson.org for the link under the PRODUCTIONS button.]

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