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      A full weekend with the HG Women's Project

      A full weekend with the HG Women's Project: What She Wrote. The sheer number of people involved—particularly women—in itself would render this year-long project a success. Success in terms of the mission: to provide women of all ages opportunity to enrich and empower their lives through community performing arts. There were writers and readers and directors and actors and painters and organizers and set movers and ushers and poster hangers. A lot of women. (And some men on stage, as well.) A number of new faces involved in various capacities. Good houses each of the four performances; one lively insightful talk-back session. Four community sponsors. Many involved are looking ahead to next year's project.

      The set has to be dismantled and put away. The props all returned to the storage area. Backstage cleaned up. Wastebaskets emptied. And we move on to the next project/s. COMMEDIA ROBIN HOOD moves right in for rehearsals on the stage this whole week in preparation for the first public performance this coming Sunday. Four actors tell the story in a way you have never seen or heard before. Using the commedia dell arte paradigm, the production lends itself to interactive performances with area kids. Directed by Gabe Hakvaag (who also directed last year's wildly successful/fun ONCE UPON A WOLF which also toured) this show will go to Don Gill School in Wellsboro, all three elementary schools in Northern Tioga, Galeton Elementary, Trinity Lutheran, WLMiller in Mansfield and a few more. Thanks to the Deerfield Charitable Trust and to Nickerson Construction, many kids—well over a 1000—will be able to experience live theatre. This doesn't even include any kids who come to the Deane Center on the next two Sundays!

      Let's see, what else is happening. The HG Young Men's and Young Women's Choirs will sing for the Partners in Progress 20th Anniversary Banquet this Saturday at the Penn Wells. The high school singers have some great songs prepared.

      And throughout the week rehearsals will be on-going for A FEZZIWIG CHRISTMAS and DICKENS ON THE STREET. The first ever HG Dickens Juggling Troupe will be training as well. (Watch for them on Dickens Day!)

      The Annual Appeal is nearly ready to send out. Final plans for the Winter Theatre Arts Camps are being made. Rehearsals for A CHRISTMAS CAROL—both casts have at least one new cast member. And on-going plans for HG's first MARTIN LUTHER KING JR Choral Tribute on January 15 are in progress.

      Community performing arts. Nothing like it.

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