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      I Was There When...

      I was there when Thomas pondered aloud........what can we do for women who audition for plays when there are more women than there are parts for them........how can we help these women, and others like them, connect through the performing arts? And a few of us took up the challenge.

      As I write this, we are about to finish our second year of something we have decided to call The Hamilton-Gibson Women's Project. As I have said every chance I get, it's not about keeping men out, it's about letting women in! My personal experience with Hamilton-Gibson is that it's inclusive in every way. It is just that we need more opportunities. In 2016, HGWP offered about 60 new opportunities for women. We read monologues in Readers Theatre format, we wrote and performed memoires, we cast and directed short plays.

      Now we are approaching the end of the 2017 opportunity for women to write short plays and for us to produce some of them. Clare Ritter has coordinated this year-long journey, and we're heading for opening night in the Warehouse Theatre October 26th. Here's my favorite picture from a couple weeks ago (in my memory, no hard copy). All directors, writers, actors, backstage personnel who could make it gathered at the Warehouse Theatre. Gabe Hakvaag was there to help us through some of the lighting/staging technicalities, and each of the five plays went up to the stage one-by-one. Gabe asked questions including Where will most of the action take place? Indoors or outdoors? Day or night? Sunny or rainy? What does the set look like? Will it be changed during the play? Etc. Etc. And the actors and directors and the light operator and the set guru and the production manager (all women) were answering questions and taking notes, all actively engaged in something that most of them had never been able to participate in, to that level, before. It gave me goosebumps.

      The plays are good. The actors are good. The directing is good. The sets and lights will be good. We are ready. October 26, 27, 28 @7:30 and October29 @ 2:30 in the Warehouse Theatre.

      by Barbara Biddison

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