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      We're holding auditions for A FEZZIWIG CHRISTMAS this Tuesday and Wednesday.

      We're holding auditions for A FEZZIWIG CHRISTMAS this Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm thinking that few people have ever heard of Fezziwig or have any concept of what we try to do with our Fezziwig shows. The Fezziwigs come from Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Mr. Fezziwig owned a business wherein Ebenezer Scrooge was an apprentice and every Christmas Eve they hosted a party for all their employees and neighbors and family. It is perhaps one of the most charming, pleasant, delightful, joyous descriptions of any holiday festivity in all of literature. (Big claim, I know.)

      More than the delight, amidst the smiles and food and dancing Dickens weaves a description of hospitality that goes far beyond choosing the correct silverware. Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig invite those in the neighborhood who are truly on the margins, the dispossesed, the forgotten, the forlorn, the abused. All are welcome on the dance floor of the Fezziwigs. It is a safe place, a welcoming place, where all are equal. In the culminating point of the evening, all join hands and dance the egalitarian Sir Roger de Coverly. In the line dance of life the business owner, his wife and daughters are in equal lines and status with the neighbor girl who is being sytematically starved, the young boy who is being beaten, the tradesmen and workers: all have a moment to meet in the center and connect/join hands with every other person in the warehouse celebration. It is one of Dickens' clearest depictions of his vision of social justice and the importance/need of open arms connection.

      Our production takes two forms: one is one the street during the Dickens of a Christmas festival, the other is four evening performances in the Warehouse Gallery. Our intent is to embody the spirit of these two generous souls and provide in at least some form the good cheer and open arms connection present in the fictional description. We have food, music, dancing—of course we dance Sir Roger de Coverely—charming vignettes lots of laughter. Mrs. Fezziwig narrates a “fractured fairy tale” version of A Christmas Carol, and all are welcome, to audition and to attend. Hope to see you there.

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