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      A WEEK OF REMEMBRANCE by Thomas Putnam

      This Friday is the celebration of the birth of Martin Luther King Junior, with the National Day of Remembrance on Monday In the past few years we have hosted a community choral tribute on that Monday evening. Choral groups from the community, churches, and schools participated. Besides hearing some stirring choral pieces, I was struck with the number of people who made a point of expressing their joy in coming together to sing. A community singing. Community. Harmony. The universal language. I believe that these are some of the elements of MLK's dream.


      We had to cancel last year's gathering due to poor weather. We cannot meet this year due to a world-wide pandemic. We could use such a gathering at this point in our personal and national lives. We need a community sing with doors wide open for all people to come together in harmony. 

      In lieu of that gathering , we are devoting these seven days leading up to the national holiday on Monday to explore MLK's dream. It may or may not have much to do with HG as a theatre or as a host of children/youth choral groups but ultimately that dream is part of who we are and what we want to be.

      I heard a person on the radio this morning saying that in our fragile democracy “we all have a role to play” in order for this American dream to work. Our little community theatre could be seen as a microcosm of something greater. We welcome your comments and thoughts as we explore throughout this week. I encourage us all to re-read or re-hear MLK's speech which was delivered in full sight of the Capitol building which was attacked last week. Yes. Community. Harmony.  

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