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      HOW MANY LIVES DOES A CAT HAVE? By Thomas Putnam

      bbking222Six performances of STRAY CATS. It was a good run. In this time of uncertainty and irregularity it is really helpful to be surrounded, at least for a time, by some stable folk. I had that while working on this production. I am incredibly grateful for Rob Kathcart, Ryan Dalton, Dave Driskell, Barbara Biddison, and Herb Johnson. 

      The whole process was quite different from other productions since Rob, Ryan, and I each had two monologues that we worked on outside of the usual process. I was fortunate to have Barbara who tirelessly listened to me fumble through my lines, day after day, until I had 'em. Rob, Ryan and I delivered the final monologue all together, so we had to spend some time getting the rhythm and timbre just right. Of course, we were tied together in all the single monologues by Dave Driskell's creative and skillful sax playing. And the final piece was like a duet. Herb came in the final week to run the lights and set the visual mood. (Thanks, too, to Sarah Duterte who did some cool painting on some panels and the floor/street.

      It was great fun. Everyone came in to rehearsal and performance with one mind: let's git er' done. Everyone worked hard and was committed and wasn't at all put off by having to have a greatly reduced audience size. Creative stuff was happening. 

      I think all of us were discovering new things in this play right up to through the final performance—which was absolutely a blast. I'm so glad we are finding ways to continue to have live theatre albeit in a different form than what we're used to. But is was live which means every rehearsal and every performance and every audience was different. 

      We struck the set following the last performance. We said goodbye and thanks. Ryan is exploring a possible filmed version of this production, which sounds like lots of fun. Thanks Ryan and Rob and Dave and Barbara and Herb and every single audience member who attended the performances (with mask on) and experienced the joy of live theatre. 

      On to the next production.

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