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      IT INDEED IS A WONDERFUL LIFE by Thomas Putnam


      We need a shot of reminders of just how wonderful life can be. Granted, some are going through horrible times of physical/medical issues, joblessness, despair. We're all having to adjust to the new realities. Most of us are stressed by the current political climate. So a dose of a classic story during the upcoming holiday season may be welcome.

      I'm inviting—encouraging—you to audition for our production of IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. It's a radio version that we produced a number of years ago, and with all the changes that have had to take place in our season we felt it was a good time to brush off this classic.

      Our current plan (we all know what happens to current plans, but, hey, we've to at least have one to stay sane) is to present the radio version as if to a live studio audience for six performances as well as recording it for on-line streaming in December.

      Auditions are Tuesday night, October 13, at 6:30, masked and distanced. If you absolutely cannot make it to the Warehouse, please call or email within the next two days so we can consider you for a role/s. We're looking especially for people who can play more than one role. Remember, since it is theoretically a radio production, what you look like or your age doesn't matter a bit—it's all in the voice. All races, genders, ages, religious and political persuasions are urged to audition.

      I encourage you to audition for everything that HG does. The more you audition the more experience you have in the process which for some people is stressful. It doesn't need to be stressful: remember that it's the director's call—the vision she/he has in their head/ear—rather than a reflection of your talent. Usually people say the audition has been fun, just reading some of the lines from plays with other people.

      Let's have a wonderful life.See you at the auditions and we'll build from there.


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