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      BLOG IN THE ROOM WITH THEM by Barbara Biddison

      I saw the final dress rehearsal of THE VIEW FROM HERE the other night. There were just a few of us in those carefully spaced chairs, and I sat in the middle about halfway back. The actors are so good, so real, so believe able. I felt like I was in that room with them. And what a fun room it is with cribs for the babies Fern cares for, and couch for sitting or sleeping, and a kitchen off stage that is evidently loaded with all kinds of snacks. Love the wallpaper. Oh, and a telephone, an often used telephone. It was a room that I was happy to spend an hour and a half in.

      I've seen these three women in other shows in other roles well played. They are different in this one, unlike anything I have seen them do. The Southern accents are believable. The clothes they wear are really fun (nobody wears heels with ruffled ankle socks anymore). The one guy, the really tall golfer memorable from another show and here for his loud golfing pants, is a perfect "Arnold." I'm sure the show program will carry their "bios" and so I'll let you be impressed by that detail when you see the show.

      It's a roller coaster ride--funny, and moving, and sad, and loving, and fearful. Just like life. I laughed out loud and sometimes the tears came. They are just so good! There were a couple of flubs I found out about during post-show talk. The kind that won't happen again, and that I thought were a planned part of the show--they covered up so well and so naturally. They are at ease on this stage in these characters. They have spent a lot of rehearsal time together, and I get the feeling that they are just like family now. Thanks to director Thomas Putnam for having the courage and the need to keep going with live theatre. There really is nothing like it. Because of the need for distanced seating, fewer people will see this show. Those who do see it will feel enriched and empowered as HG's mission statement offers. I believe that. I'll see it again Saturday night!

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