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      MASK MUSING by Barbara Biddison

      blo2 021In ancient Greek theatre, actors wore masks. The oldest known, still existing mask, however is from 7000 BC. Just in case you were wondering. It seems that throughout the ages masks have been worn (typically) for protection, for disguise, for performance, for entertainment. Take your pick. So many options. I'm musing about masks this morning because our kids are back in school. I walk my dog eaely morning which I used to do maskless because I saw only people who were down the block or across the street. Of course, I always had a mask in my pocket, "just in case." But now I'm wearing a mask when I walk.

      I see the early arriving school kids wearing masks. And, even if they are across the street or down the block, I must set an example. I want them to see an older woman wearing a mask as she walks her dog, because that's what we do. I also care about these children and I know that a mask offers protecion (protection) for "the other person." It is true that the urgency of certain decisions/actions is greater when children are involved. It is also true that for many of them the eyes are smiling.

      Another reason for mask-musing this morning is that THE VIEW FROM HERE opens Friday, the 11th. Once again we will seat audience members in "distanced" faashion, and once again we ask them to remain masked during the show. We had such wonderful cooperation with all of this for ALMOST, MAINE and I imagine we will again. Our masks are much more comfortable than that one from 7000 BC! Fortunately you can see and hear while wearing a mask, and that's what you really need to enjoy a play. Advance reservations and prepayment are required.

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