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      PUT ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER by Barbara Biddison

      b8jd736gsSometimes that's all I can do....put one foot in front of the other. So that's rather what I did this morning. I visited downtown Wellsboro. Hardly anyone else was there. I walked from store to bank to restaurant to bookstore to office, not much more than three blocks. And I left posters for THE VIEW FROM HERE in twenty-some locations.

      I've done this before, the putting up of posters for a show. I usually know enough about the show to answer the "Who's in it?" and "What's it about?" questions. This time when I mentioned that we are offering live theatre, the questions centered on how many people we can seat in the Warehouse Theatre. So I developed a two or three sentence explanation of how we did it for ALMOST, MAINE, which closed about a month ago. And my masked face spoke to their masked faces. We looked into each other's eyes (from an appropriate distance) where we found interest and encouragement. All took a poster (which most were putting up as I left) and I went out the door saying, "Thank you for helping us to spread the word."

      They don't have a place for a poster anymore under the glass at the front desk of the old Penn Wells check-in spot. So the desk clerk offered to keep a poster with the information so that he could tell guests about the play when they asked "What's there to do here?" Only the coffee shop area was open at Dunhams, but the young woman behind the counter said she would take the poster to the proper area when the rest of the store opened up. Clint Owlett's office willingly took one for their poster window. They don't put posters in windows anymore at C&N bank, but as usual a clerk was happy to take one to the "break room." At Dunkin Donuts I left posters and found Nikki weeding the rocks outside, so we talked about what a wonderful HGWP workshop we were at on Saturday. This is why I like putting up posters. The rewards of just putting one foot in front of the other.

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