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      WHAT A VIEW by Thomas Putnam

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      I remember our first production of THE VIEW FROM HERE. I remember it well. First, as with most of the productions at Don Gill School, it was hot. Next, we had a dynamite cast headed up by Nancy Franciscus List. It's the story of an agoraphobic; the woman never left her house. Just couldn't do it.

      We cut a lot of coarse language from the script. We cut a lot of it except for one that occurs in a particularly difficult moment in the play. I remember rehearsing that moment with Nancy over and over as we explored the pain and frustration and anxiety of this woman. Nancy threw herself into the role and that scene. It's one that is raw and rough and emotionally and physically violent. It's hard. And it's just a moment. We produced this play two decades ago, and I can still remember working deeper and deeper on that moment. Powerful stuff.

      There are other moments that are powerful in different ways. There are moments when each of the characters bare their soul and their pain. These moments seem to be particularly focused in my mind at this point, I think, because we are going through such a new and universal time where we must examine and explore and release and lay bare our soul and our pain.

      There are some really funny moments, too...thankfully.

      I'm looking forward to working with Johna Neal and Karin Knaus and Sarah Vickery. We're looking for a man to complete the cast. Looking somewhere between 30 and 50. No experience necessary...just a pulse and a willingness to bare his soul and pain.

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