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      LINDALOU by Thomas Putnam

      linda galeoneHamilton-Gibson Productions has always been at its center a cadre of volunteers; without volunteers we wouldn't—couldn't-- function. Over the last 30 years we've had hundreds of men and women and teenagers who have given of their time to help us fulfill our mission of providing opportunities for people of all ages to enrich and empower their lives through community performing arts. One of these volunteers is Linda Galeone.

      Linda is sort of a jack of all trades; she seems to be able to do anything. Most recently she has been working tirelessly to make our productions safe by following CDC protocol. She's done the research and been a part of the team to purchase the cleaning and disinfecting materials needed to allow us to open for performances. This week she has been opening some of the many boxes that have arrived with various supplies and put together a cool cart that will hold all these necessary supplies. The parts were spread all over the front room of the HG House at 29 Water Street but within short order she had it all together. 

      She serves on the board of directors of HG and is a faithful, vocal member, attending every meeting and contributing much. She's a local gal having lived here all her life and she knows the area and the people—I think she knows everyone in Tioga County, and most of Potter County—and she knows who is related to whom!

      Linda is a financial person and helps us through the ins and outs of things like insurance and retirement plans and investments and money markets. Recently she's working on the automatic payment plans for members of the children's choirs to make it easier for them to pay the yearly fee. She's the one who prepares all the thank you letters for your financial gifts. Some mornings I might find twenty letters or so on my desk, waiting for a signature from me. Then off she goes—often with my dog Asaph on leash—to take them all directly to the post office. She may stop by the bank on the way to make a deposit.

      She's worked in the box office and on fund-raisers and on committees. She helps decorate the Gallery for the holidays and isn't averse to washing dishes that have collected in the office kitchen. Nothing is beneath her and she elevates all she does with a giving, willing spirit. 

      She's a committed friend to many and a loving friend to her family members. She delights us with stories of adventures, and makes misadventures sound like they could be made into a movie full of riotous calamity and laughter. She's a lot of fun to laugh with.

      Linda has made it clear she won't get up on stage, but she's plenty entertaining off stage and HG and the community are incredibly fortunate to have her services and generous spirit in our midst. THANK YOU, Linda! 

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