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      blog2983ioeIt all began the morning that I felt the need to wear my favorite "Life is good." t-shirt. It has the picture of a big yellow dog wearing sunglasses and driving a red convertible. Since I once had an 80-pound yellow dog who loved to ride in my yellow vw convertible with the top down, the shirt makes me feel the wind in my hair and the presence of the sweetest 10-year-old dog that ever lived. That very same morning my husband appeared wearing his HG Theatre of Place, Tioga Changes, May 2013 t-shirt with that message on the back and a front message declaring "I [heart w/a cow] Martin McDougle" though the script actually said "Goodbye Morton McDougal, I love you." We were both in that HG show, created and directed by Jerry Stropnicky and presented in the open-air pavilion at Whitneyville. It snowed for one performance. And a rainbow appeared. And that's what t-shirts can do to lift spirits when you're homebound and the world outside makes you weep.

      So I went to my stack of t-shirts and sweatshirts with messages that call up a lifetime of memories. (Did I mention that I seldom throw these things away?) Two more Hamilton-Gibson t-shirt designs that I still enjoy are...old. There's.the 20th HG season sweatshirt with all the shows for 2010 printed on the back, including 7 Stories, Underneath the Lintel, George M!, Sophie Tucker, Pied Piper, Love, Sex & the IRS, and Miracle Worker. And I still wear the summer drama camp for kids t'shirt , Shakin' Up Shakespeare with a wonderful printed sketch of "Shakespeare," a design created by Tucker Worthington.

      But they're not all related to Hamilton-Gibson. I have at least half a dozen, have had at least a dozen, for Wellsboro Women's Chorus. Why so many? Well, I began singing with WWC in 1982, and women do love to change the color and the style every few years. I think several of us still have the red one. Then just one for Second Chance Animal Sanctuary, and one for Wellsboro Growers Market with 24 "Market Sponsors for 2013" printed on the back. The deep green and purple-ish "DON GILL OM TEAMS '96," Let Your Imagination Soar!" t-shirt (yes, that would be 1996) takes me back to when Sue Cook was working with Odyssey of the Mind and asked Larry and me to be judges for out-of-town meets---what a privilege that was to get to watch all those creative kids.

      So I'll call a halt with what I'd call a conglomeration. There's a faded green for the 4th annual Seven Stars Music and Arts Festival, 2003, with a logo of the Big Dipper & maybe-a-dog jumping over a guitar? This event was hosted by our sons and families and friends in the Philly area and was quite the event with 8 bands and singles on a makeshift stage, and several art booths, appreciated by singin', dancin' audiences. Then two from Canada. The Big Pond Festival, Cape Breton, on Bras d'Or Lake in Nova Scotia (singer Rita MacNeil came from there). And Gros Mourne in Newfoundland (which does not mean "bad morning before you've had your coffee), part of a mountain range and, in French "large mountain standing alone." I often wear the Gros Mourne because it is one of my favorite sweatshirt designs.

      And, finally, "peace people" 1989, an original t-shirt design by Beth Williams, with a colorful "earth" surrounded by stick figures with all different colored faces standing on the circumference of the earth holding hands.

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