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      MY LIFE AS A FRUITCAKE by Nancy (Franciscus)

      MY LIFE AS A FRUITCAKE by Nancy (Franciscus) List (Nancy's first role in STEEL MAGNOLIAS led to other roles including the main character in THE VIEW FROM HERE which HG is considering remounting in the coming months. Other shows include MISS LIBERTY, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, and SEE HOW THEY RUN and more.)

      "It was just after my 28th birthday I began my life as a fruitcake.” These words began the play THE VIEW FROM HERE which I was in on the Don Gill stage one summer. Actually, it was more like my 40th birthday when I moved to Wellsboro and thought being an extra in local theater would be a good way to meet new friends in a new town. The play was STEEL MAGNOLIAS and I remembered there were friends who had non-speaking roles at the wedding; I could handle a non-speaking role.

      Little did I know what involvement that decision would lead to. On moving day into my new home in Wellsboro, Thomas Putnam, who directed the show, came into my house, among all of the unpacking chaos and handed me a script for one of the six roles in the play. A speaking role!.  

      After 15 years, many many plays, many positions on the Board of Directors, and best of all lifelong friendships, I had to leave Wellsboro. I will always be grateful to Thomas and Hamilton-Gibson for the re-awakening of my love of live theater which I continue to enjoy in York and Lancaster.

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