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      A UNIVERSAL FAN by Kate Sholonski

      kate copy(Kate has been in a number of shows including the main character in MARVIN'S ROOM and a short play in the character of a dog—see Larry Biddison's blog of a few days ago. One of her major roles is honest laugher in the audience: actors love having Kate in the audience! A role that was written for her and that she played twice was Dr. Happy N. Bright in the original HG play A POUND OF FLESH.)

      Little did I know in 1996 when I got my first taste of the magical experience of being on stage while playing the role of Ernestina Money in Hello Dolly, that I would become a universal fan of HG throughout the many years that followed. 

      What I discovered in that first stage experience was theater people are naturally a lot of fun. They are also mutually supportive, spontaneous, and creative. What I remember most about that show was the family-like feel that was created backstage as well as on stage. We all wanted one another to do well and we helped each other in any way we could. Trust was built quickly among the large cast spanning several generations. It was a family of which I knew I wanted to continue to be a part. 

      My other experiences within the family of Hamilton-Gibson included working behind the scenes, gathering props and searching for that perfect person to play a certain role, attaching address labels to the newsletter, being part of the board of directors, painting sets, teaching improv to Drama Camp kids, ushering, and sitting in the front row of an audience enjoying a spectacular performance, to name a few. 

      After all these years I am still a universal fan. I love everything about the magic of theater, but mostly, I love the people that make it all happen.

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