One more night of auditions for PROOF.


One more night of auditions for PROOF. You’ve put off long enough. Take the step out of your comfort zone and come to auditions tonight. 6:30 at the Warehouse Gallery next to the Native Bagel. Even if you are not chosen for this play, you’ve made yourself vulnerable which is always a freeing experience. You’ve also made yourself known as someone who is interested thus leading to consideration for future plays. And you could possible make yourself some new friends. See you tonight.

And speaking of auditions, there are more coming up on August 17, 18, 19, 20 for the HGWP “What She Wrote.” This is the play festival comprised of original plays written by local women. A number were submitted and a group of four people read and re-read and discussed and examined and lived with the scripts until they were able to decide on five to be produced in October. There are roles for both men and women. These plays are short—10 or 15 minutes—so the rehearsal time is shorter. Consider it. Really. Think about it…and then come to the auditions.

Another production coming up is the traveling show to elementary schools in November. Gabe Hakvaag is heading up this one. He’s done it before with a couple of plays and school kids eat it up. We take the play to them—usually to their gym—and have a grand time as the players interact with the students. It’s one of the healthiest experiences with which I’ve been involved. We’ll be announcing the audition dates soon, but you must realize that the performances—at least most of them—are during the school day in November, so you must be available for at least two days. Great’s Robin Hood!

Our two productions of A CHRISTMAS CAROL typically feature the same cast as the previous year. Occasionally a cast member moves away or their life situation changes or, in the case of our Tiny Tims, they grown up; in which case we need to find a new cast member. One cast will be looking for a new Ghost of Christmas Present (and a host of other characters.) Dallas Dziuba has been playing this role for a number of years—even traveling back from Loch Haven University for some rehearsals—but alas he is heading to graduate school so he just can’t swing it.

We’re also bringing back one of our favorite shows A FEZZIWIG CHRISTMAS, which is basically a Victorian variety show hosted by the lovable Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig. A host of guests at the Fezziwig establishment sing and eat and dramatize and dance and make wonderful merry. We’ll be hosting auditions this fall. In the meantime I would greatly encourage you to participate in the week of IMPROV August 7-12. It’s an incredibly valuable experience to help in any stage experience, on the streets of Dickens of a Christmas, at the Fezziwig party…and in life. Sign up now.