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      WHAT WOULD THE SOCK DOG SAY? by Barbara Biddison

      t99I got up this morning and put on a pair of fuzzy colorful striped socks. I guess I thought that would make my feet happy. But I quickly realized that it wasn't for my feet at all. It was to conjure up the sock dog. And, of course, the sock dog asks questions.. [By now readers fear for my sanity if they don't recognize the sock dog from Every Brilliant Thing.]

      So, the first question was, "How are you feeling today?" And I answered out loud with a description of how lonely I feel without in-person connection with all those folks that I normally see every week. And then he asked, "What kind of people do you usually see?" And I told the sock dog about my Hamilton-Gibson family and about how some of us had been rehearsing for a play called Almost, Maine and about how I know all my lines but have no audience to say them to right now. The sock dog nodded his understanding, and then asked, "What other sorts of people are you wishing you could see and touch?" Well, said I there are my Red Hat lady friends who meet for lunch once a month, and my Women's Chorus friends who sing together every week, and my tai chi friends who move and get strong together once a week, and my Friday Club friends who write papers and get together to read them aloud for all to hear. So then the sock dog asked if I knew about making a list of Every Brilliant Thing. I knew all along that he would say that.

      1. Having a granddaughter who is sitting high in a tree talking to her friend, both using walkie-talkies..
      2. Still being able to walk my dog outside every morning through a very quiet but lovely town... (Sock dog wanted to know all about Ginger at this point.)
      3. The daphne flowering bush out back where I can see its full bloom from my kitchen window right now.
      4. Making a carrot cake for my husband's birthday while our son and granddaughter make carrot cake muffins, frosted!, five hours away.
      5. The way older son sends his original birthday greetings by email every year, funny and sweet and clever verbal and visual images.
      6. Turning off the television and reading the new SUN magazine which just came in the mail.
      7. Writing POSTPONED on the Almost, Maine poster on my back porch (not writing CANCELLED).
      8. Being glad they picked up recycles from the curb today.
      9. Birds emptying the birdfeeders. Wondering if I should take the feeders down before the bears wake up.
      10.Having a blog site to read and write for at my fingertips.

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