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      If you read my blog from yesterday you'll know what great news this is: Jesus came to me after I wrote it. (If you haven't read my blog from yesterday, why not? Have something more pressing to do?) So, I sent the blog off to our web-ster to post, and not a whole lot later I was in the kitchen trying to figure out wadimgunnado, and there Jesus met me. Right in front of my eyes!


      I couldn't believe it. Here I'd been wallowing around in my unknowing and even had taken a short walk and sort of day-dreamed that Jesus might appear and say to stop my bitching and get on with life. Be grateful for what you have and CAN do! But it wasn't until I was in the kitchen and beheld the message that it really sunk in: WAKE UP TO WHAT'S POSSIBLE.

      It arrested my attention, I'll tell you that. First the day-dream and then the clear message on the English muffins. I get the message. A brilliant thing.

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