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      TO LIVE IN THE APC MOMENT by Barbara Biddison

      barbxI remind myself to live in the moment. and I do that pretty well, but now I'm being asked to move beyond 2020 and the 30th season for HG. It's time to begin the process, the planning, the envisioning for 2021. Well. Luckily, I really like to read plays where I'm living in other people's moments. I have served on the Artistic Planning Committee (APC we call it) for quite a few years now. So far this month I've read the story (no music yet) for two musicals and regular scripts for a couple plays, and I've gone back to a few that I read last year and one that I read maybe eight years ago. All of this is preliminary work and others on APC will read, or have read, some of the same. No single person on this committee gets to make the final decision, but we do share our recommendations with each other. Are there requirements for APC membership? Read on.

      Each of us is expected to read plays and "weigh in" with our thoughts. This weighing in is usually done by email, and by the time there are a dozen or more titles floating around it can require some concentration. It's also really interesting to see how different people have such varied reactions to what they have read.. Each of us is also expected to attend APC meetings where we actually talk in person about the many factors involved in putting together a season. We consider such practical matters as: Can we cast it? Is it right for our audiences? Can we afford the required costumes or elaborate set or high royalties? Do we have shows for family as well as for primarily adult audiences? And each of us is expected to attend Hamilton-Gibson productions. After all, how can a person help put together a season if that person doesn't know what previous seasons have looked like?

      It's a perfect fit for me as I see it. I like to read plays, I like to write and talk about plays. And I go to all HG productions. I live in the moment for all of it.

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