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      CHOOSING A SEASON by Thomas Putnam

      blog4039oWe're in the midst of reading plays and discussing them for the 2021 Season. I love the process. I liken it to those heady days in college when I would pour over the schedule for the following semester and begin choosing what courses I would take. It was a rush for me. And pouring over seed catalogs to choose what I'm going to plant in the spring. Oh, man; it's heaven. And thumbing through music catalogs to choose songs for the choirs for the following year. I'm weird, I know, but...well, I'm me.

      The Artistic Planning Committee met a few weeks ago to begin compiling the looooonnnngggg list of plays we might consider for the 2021 Season. Millions of plays have been written so how the heck do we narrow down the list. Well, what title grabs your attention? What was that play that your aunt saw when she was visiting relatives in Detroit? I seem to remember a play we considered a decade ago. Is there a stage version of that movie that won the Oscar last year?

      We came away from the meeting with a list. Many of the plays are ones that I would not have considered myself. Some I had never heard of. Some just didn't grab my attention. But that's the purpose ideally of a committee, yes? And as I looked at the list over the following few days I began to feel that tingling buzzy sensation I used to get when I scheduled classes in college. And now I'm reading and reading; as are many on the committee.

      And we've barely begun the 2020 Season!

      PS If you've got an idea for a play or a musical, PLEASE send it in!

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