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      My Favorite Song? by Thomas Putnam

      birdI was recently asked by Clare Ritter who is organizing the 30th Season program later this month what my favorite song is from any of the shows we've produced. Often people have asked me what my favorite play is of all that I have directed. These are questions I cannot answer. Usually I say that my favorite play is the one I'm working on currently, whatever that might be. I love the process and the interaction with the cast and crew and then with the audience. It's kind of like asking which of your children is your favorite.

      But Clare's question has stuck with me and I've tried to analyze if there perhaps really is a song that sticks with me or that haunts me or that moves me or makes me dance more than others. I'm just finishing up spending a few months with FROZEN Jr and those songs are like ear-worms that drill themselves into my every waking—and sleeping—moment. I have to immerse myself in an artist or another musical or a playlist just so my brain can be free of the current musical's tunes. It's not that I don't like the songs; it's just that they are constant.

      I have thought I'd go back and look at all the list of musicals we have done; there are certainly over 30 since we've produced one every year, and some years more than one. I could then maybe see if I could narrow down the list of those that really stick with me for whatever reason. But I'm not sure the process/exercise would be beneficial for anyone. I may still do this just for fun; but not today.

      There is one tune, however, that I know touches me in ways that I can't describe. It's Arvo Part's “Spiegel im Spiegel.” It's not from a musical. We used it at the end of the play BILL W AND DR BOB. I remember playing it for Shane Nickerson when we first were discussing the play, months before auditions and I knew I wanted to use it during the last moments of the play when Bill W—who ultimately was played by Shane—is talking about his partnership with Dr. Bob as they began and worked through the formation of AA. Shane and I both cried then in my office, and I believe during every rehearsal and performance the moment the piece began during his moving final remembrance.

      I've included a few links here for you to listen. But I'm urging you not to click on it unless you have a cup of tea or coffee and about ten minutes of quiet. Also, breath; deep, slow breaths. And let your hands rest on the arms of your chair, with palms up and open, ready to receive. Commit to sitting/resting for ten minutes. (I know; it's tough to do.)

      A favorite? I love music and am not concerned about a favorite. But Spiegel im Spiegel is always ten minutes of one of those moments the Celts call a “thin place.”



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