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      What Happens on a Snow Day? by Barbara Biddison

      It's Friday. Midmorning. It's snowing in Wellsboro. A very few are walking past my house in the street because the streets are cleared better than the walks at this point. All schools are closed. The birds are out , back and forth to the feeders, mostly goldfinches which are in February more like brownfinches. It is pure beautiful white out there. Another brilliant thing in my world.

      So what does this mean to a theatre person? If you're directing or acting or planning to attend a show it means that you spend the morning wondering if you are cancelled or not. And then, even before you know the answer to that, you are pondering how and when you can reschedule. That is not the fun part of a snowstorm. But the show usually goes on, one time or another, and it all turns out just fine. I believe that is what this morning is like. I know at least two kid shows that will be affected. I know also that the show will go on today or tomorrow or next week because one thing you learn about the theatre world is that you must learn to be flexible.

      I'm reminded of a show I was in called 7 STORIES. That was 10 years ago, HG's 20th season. the first season in the Warehouse theatre. I played Lillian, a 100-year-old woman in one of the windows on the 7th story. She had a pet pigeon called Albert. But back to the weather....we had an ice storm and decided to do the show anyhow for locals who could come. As it turned out Bill Scott who was running tech for the whole show could not navigate his steep icy driveway. Here comes the flexible part. Bruce Applegate was an actor in one of the windows, and he also knew a lot about lighting and sound as well as about the whole show. So he did his parts in his window and then crawled on hands and knees to the tech booth (out of sight for the audience) to do what Bill would have done had his icy driveway not kept him at home. It still makes me smile to picture him crawling past all the actors waiting at their windows. I don't expect anything quite so entertaining today, but I'm willing to bet there will be some flexibility involved.

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