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      LET IT GO by Thomas Putnam

      We're coming close to the end of our winter theatre arts camps. Blossburg finished two weeks ago (with kids from Southern Tioga and Wellsboro School Districts) and the Elkland camp is this weekend (with kids from Northern Tioga School District.) It's been quite a trip. Literally driving to either Blossburg or Elkland every day from Wellsboro for over a month. Trying to stay one step ahead of some very lively intelligent kids—some who have never been on stage before.


      The camp in Elkland has over half new kids; they've never been to one of our camps. The growth in the past and a half weeks is clearly noticeable. A production/camp is one big team of 55 kids all working together (most of the time) to create something wonderful and positive. They all sing and dance and many have spoken lines. All have to know and remember when to enter the stage and when to exit. All need to realize how important it is to be very quiet back stage, and project with full voice while on stage.

      The photo is of the main speaking roles in the show. From left to right is Carsyn Kemp as Kristoff, Gabe Crance as Olaf (this is his first experience on stage), Hannah Day as Anna, Kyra Campbell as Elsa, Darby Crance as Sven, and Bryson Fuhrer as Hans. They're a great bunch of leaders and do a wonderful job of keeping the show going.

      Performances are Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 at the Clark Wood School in Elkland. A pay-what-you-can contribution at the door is appreciated but not essential for entrance. Mainly we hope the community can attend and affirm the efforts of the kids who have worked so hard these past two weeks. Thanks to the Deerfield Charitable Trust for making it possible for all these kids to attend!

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