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      I love the winter drama camps for kids!! by Barbara Biddison

      I love the winter drama camps for kids!! I get to see the first one in Blossburg this Friday and Saturday, the 17th and 18th! And then I get to see it again in Elkland in three weeks. February 7th and 8th. They are doing Disney's Frozen Jr. this year, and since that is not a show I'm familiar with it will be especially fun and interesting. Why go to both Bloss and Elkland? Well, it's a different cast! That's why. And it's a different auditorium and a different set of families and friends in the audience. If you've never seen any kind of show twice, you should try it. Besides I like to just marvel over how they can learn all that singing and dancing and blocking, and talking at the same time, in just a little over 2 weeks.

      Last year we happened to be in an audience where the very youngest elementary classes were. They were right up front, in the first few rows, and they were enchanted by Aladdin Jr. Not a peep out of them, no restless movement. Just totally involved in it all. So it's not just all the kids that are in the show that are so enriched and entertained by these drama camps. All of us are. We have the director, Thomas Putnam of course, and all the supporting staff, and the supporting adults (mostly parents and grandparents), and the sponsors to thank for this gift. Speaking of sponsors, it is UPMC Susquehanna and the Deerfield Charitable Trust that enable this to happen.

      Mid-January and early-February seem to be really good times to see a Frozen show!

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