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      Three Elsas, three Annas, and an Olaf

      LET IT GO by Thomas Putnam

      Have you heard that we had over 91 kids sign up for camp this year in Blossburg? This includes students from Southern Tioga and Wellsboro School districts plus kids from Trinity and NCA and homeschools. We've never had 91 kids in a camp before. I'm guessing FROZEN? Maybe. But I also think that some kids are just really sensing the joy and adventure of working with other kids and creating art.

      We meet everyday after school for 10 sessions and then present the play for other students in school-time matinees (we had to turn down requests from some schools because we're filled up) and two performances for the public. In that 90 minutes of rehearsal time we work on lines and dance and song. Learn about entrances and exits. Explore projection of voice and emotion. Celebrate getting along with others and experience the joy of trust and improv. Put on some fun costumes. Use our imaginations. Be together.

      Some of these kids have been in every camp since they were in 3rd grade, and now are aging out in 9th. That's a lot of camps. You'll see some of these kids in their high school shows, and in HG's mainstage shows. They're good kids. I hope I can continue working with these camps for a whole lot more years. (Maybe with a few less than 91, however.)

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