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      It's a cold gray day in PA and I am grateful for laughter.

      It's a cold gray day in PA and I am grateful for laughter. A POUND OF FLESH has been rehearsing for a few weeks now and I am grateful for laughter. I'm grateful for community people who are willing to give up hours of their time to rehearse so that the community at large can enjoy two hours of laughter. That's quite a sacrifice.

      Have you heard of the 2020 tipping phenomenon that began last week. A person tipped their waitress 2020 bucks. Some others have picked up on it; one tipped the clerk at a Dunkin $20.20 for a cup of coffee. Generosity is alive, if even for a short-lived phenomenon. I have to say, that the actors in community theatre have been generously giving for years. For an audience's two hours of laughter, these unpaid actors give way more that 20 hours of time in preparation. I'm grateful for laughter. I'm grateful for generous people.

      The rehearsals have been a bit different from most plays due to the structure of a courtroom play. The lawyers are on stage talking all the time; well actually one is talking half the time, and the other is talking the other half. The witnesses come and go for their few pages of testimony, but the lawyers keep at it.

      I've played a few lawyers and I don't like it. Though the character is talking to the witness, it really isn't dialogue. The other character does respond, but it's the lawyer who must initiate and lead the discussion so there are very few cues to help. These roles are a bear to memorize.

      Our two lawyers, Natalie Himmelberger (Boeing Boeing, Oliver, and George M and others) and Lilace Guignard (VanyaSonyaMashaSpike, Quilters, Miss Holmes, Calendar Girls and others) are doing one heck of a job with these roles. They question and ponder and find things in these characters that I never dreamed of.

      The rehearsals are fun. The cast is generous. I'm grateful.

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